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Madreperla - Mother of pearl - Nacre - Perlmutter - Madreperla - Mother of pearl - Nacre - Perlmutter - 






Religious subjects paintings

Zanin Irina paintings

Zanin Irina Cristo

fresco 26x35 e 400

Zanin Irina Madonna Ferruzzi

fresco 30x25 e 390


Zanin Irina Madonna Raffaello

fresco 40 x 40 e.950

Zanin Irina sculptures
Zanin Irina bas-relief
paintings religious subjects
paintings animals
modern paintings
paintings on ceramic
ceramic decorations
paintings still life
new paintings
paintings landscape
various subjects paintings
paintings classic

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momother of pearl ,artistic items artistic tiles mosaic, paintings, sculptures paintings


ZANIN luxury coverings RIVESTIMENTI IN MADREPERLA ,mother of pearl ,mother-of-pearl and other shell laminates ,inlayed mother-of-pearl, mother-of-pearl decorations for furniture, mother-of-pearl sheets for coverings, mother-of-pearl mosaic, mother-of-pearl mosaic combined with ceramic.

MIR GROUP GALLERIA D'ARTE QUADRI SCULTURE CERAMICHE MOSAICI - MADREPERLA ,madreperla 1,mother of pearl ,shell laminates. Art gallery, paintings, sculptures, ceramics, mother-of-pearl and ceramic mosaics

MIR GROUP GENERALE quadri affreschi madreperla
CERAMICHE ARTISTICHE IN SPATOLATO VENEZIANO, ingrandimenti fino alla misura reale , dipinti affreschi,,madreperla Artistic ceramics in Spatolato Veneziano
MOSAICI IN CERAMICA ARTISTICA E MADREPERLA,ingrandimenti, pittura antica,madreperla Mosaics in artistic ceramic and mother-of-pearl
DECORAZIONI SU PIASTRELLE PER RIVESTIMENTI IN CERAMICA(ingrandimenti)(decorc eramica) Decorations on tiles for ceramic coverings
DIPINTI MODERNI   (senza cornici)(christianp...) Modern paintings
   DIPINTI CLASSICI (senza cornici)(artesacra pia) Classic paintings
NATURE MORTE(senzacornici)(dipinti veneziani) Still-life
DIPINTI  IN ARTE SACRA( senza cornici )(artesacra apia) Paintings with religious subjects
IMMAGINI SACRE (immagini sacre) Religious images
MADONNE ( pittura sacra ) Madonnas
PAESAGGI E NATURE MORTE ( senza cornici)(dipinti veneziani) Landscapes and still-life
AMBIENTAZIONI CON RIVESTIMENTI IN CERAMICAMIR proposta 1 (mosaici venezia) Rooms interiors with MIR ceramic coverings
AMBIENTAZIONI IN MADREPERLA E CERAMICA e mosaico in madreperla,proposta stand cersaie( galleria mir) Rooms interiors with mother-of-pearl and ceramics
esempi cascate ambienti (cogo) ----classicismo inc - - - futuristi in c ---impressionisti -- -cersaie Room interior coverings examples
pittura2 - - - galleriammir - quadri-affreschi - arte generale (zanin