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8 wash basins metallized - 9 mirrors in mother-of-pearl and ceramics

INLAYED MOTHER-OF-PEARL The inlayed sheets are realized using the pearly shell in all its thickness. From the pearly valve , the mosaic pieces are cut in the desired shape and size and then assembled in a sheet that has the thickness of the shell plus the backing (about 1.5 - 2 mm ). These sheets can be supplied with or without backing , according to the size and /or the demand. Where a back lighting is required , some kinds of shells can be supported by glass or plexyglass.

We have a range of 12 kinds of shells in stock, and a lot of other types are available on demand inlayed in 7 different kinds of pattern.

Inlayed mother-of-pearl

INLAYED MOTHER-OF-PEARL WITHOUT BACKING These sheets are available only in the maximum size 30x30 cm. They are ideal to realize inlaying works. Thanks to their thickness , it is easy to realize different applications using laser machines and an eventually final smoothing process.

We can supply bigger sheets with a fibreglass mesh as backing.


INLAYED MOTHER-OF-PEARL WITH BACKING We realize the same kind of inlaying on every kind of material. We can supply tiles, mosaics, or big panels. On customers demand, we make bathroom tops and table tops . We can cover with mother-of-pearl every other object or piece of furniture as handles, lighting supports or other custom projects.


INLAYED MOTHER-OF-PEARL FOR BACK LIGHTING Some shells have a light transparency , first of all the White mother-of-pearl shell.

This characteristic allows us to create tiles or panels back-lightened with glass or plexyglass backing both coloured and neutral.

Using this peculiarity of the shells, ZANIN luxury coverings has created extraordinary settings. When light is off, the shell foils are visible with all their characteristics while when the panels are lightened we could appreciate the special effect given by the coloured panel.


WORK AND LAYING SUGGESTIONS To lay mother-of-pearl on panels or mosaics you have to consider the characteristics of the backing material. For example, if you have to lay shell on ceramic mosaic you should use the same glues that are used for ceramics. To plaster the spaces between the tesseras we recommend to use only epoxy plaster.

To glue the sheets, you have to use a kind of glue suitable both for the shell sheet and the surface of the laying. Usually we use epoxy glue polyurethane or bi-components and we suggest to smooth the back of the sheet ( of the inlayed mother-of-pearl) with abrasive paper 400. Is it possible to use also an adhesive tape ( as 3M 950 Tape or similar).

You can also cover mother-of-pearl with glass using silicon or acrylic glue.

For every further information, do not hesitate to contact us .


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